About us…

Button 2Project Castle is a blog that I put together during my final year as an undergraduate studying for my Degree. It started off as a place to inspire me to read widely around the core issues being raised in many of the lectures I attended and I’m proud to admit that I feel it is developing along with my own skills. Since then I have utilised this blog space to write about the topics that get me passionate be it imaging from space, patterns of urban growth or simply a study of the soil beneath our feet. I hope that what inspires me to take an interest in the world around me will inspire you to do the same. The more people in this world come to understand the places around us the easier it is for us to make informed decisions on what our futures will look like and how we as a species will overcome the many challenges we face.

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Project Castle will be, where possible, posting short informative articles on a range of geographically relevant themes. Whilst these posts are going to represent my own personal interests from such a broad field I hope that they will prove interesting to you as well. I am well aware that sometimes articles are likely to be packed with jargon that will put some people off so I am going to try to avoid using it wherever possible. Where unavoidable, I will try to define the jargon in the context of the issue being discussed.

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This is the part where I ask you, the reader, to do me a massive favour by helping me to decide what is working and what is not with the content that I post. If you enjoy reading something that I’ve written please leave it a like. It really does mean the world to me that the content I write is engaging and informative.

P.S. One last thing,

Thanks very much for taking the time to visit Project Castle!


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