Fragment 1 – Revolution

It started just like anything else. Small. Just a few scattered voices thrown into the void. Nobody knew then how it would grow like a vine chokes a tree. It was a death by creeping inches rather than the suddenness of an axe blow. The gentle caress of a promised truth was much harder to resist than a shouted lie. While the seed of doubt sprouted in people’s minds we were powerless to offer resistance. Even when we did it only pushed more people into their embrace. As we watched they grew in numbers and those quiet whispers began to grow louder. It was inevitable that these malcontents would eventually search each other out. Behind closed doors they spread their poison, inducted new members and continued to thrive out of sight, out of mind.

Meetings became protests and protests became riots. Revolution. The people cried out for it, they fought for it, they died for it and yet they never truly achieved it. Freedom. How many crimes have been done in your name? How many people have been oppressed? The great lie. We who replace one cage with another and claim to be free because we cannot see the bars of our cell.


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