Dyfi Osprey Project – First Egg of Clutch Hatches

Having recently visited the Dyfi Osprey Project at the tail end of April, I am glad to welcome the 1st hatched chick from the nest’s clutch of three. It is extremely pleasing to see a species that until 2004 hadn’t been formally recorded as breeding in Wales becoming so successful in such a relatively short period of time. Whilst, it is certainly early days for the first chick and its potential siblings I wish the parents and Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust all the best in raising the chicks.

If you wish to see these magnificent birds I highly recommend visiting Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve where its friendly staff and newly constructed hide which both provide plentiful information and opportunity to observe the birds before they migrate.

If you cannot get there in person, the Dyfi Osprey Project’s website hosts a round the clock livestream which provides close up camera footage of the nest.

Additional Comments Since Posting

  • 2nd Chick has hatched today (31/05/2015) Only one more to go!
  • 3rd chick hatches, 3 out of 3! (2/06/2015)

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